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The WalkAide Silicone Cover

The New WalkAide Silicone Cover is now available for all WalkAide Users

The New WalkAide Silicone Cover is available as an optional accessory, the custom designed WalkAide Silicone Cover provides added protection to you WalkAide Control Unit from light impact, abrasions, and some environmental elements.

Designed to fit the Bi-Flex Cuff
Recommended for pediatric users
Recommended for active users
Recommended for Bi-lateral users
Does not interfere with lights
Does not interfere with alarms

Protect your investment
Simple and affordable
Fits new or old WalkAides
Lightweight and easy to clean
Easy donning and doffing

The New WalkAide Silicone Cover is the perfect accessory that not only provides a new stylish look but it can also serve its purpose as a layer of added protection from the everyday hazards of life.

To purchase the new WalkAide Silicone Cover, please contact your WalkAide-trained clinician. To find a nearby WalkAide-trained clinician click here.


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